Quote IconMuch like democracy and hot dogs, people are ok with advertising but no one wants to see how it is actually made.
James, on the astonishing number of people I hear crying in the bathroom at work every day. 

today I’m wishing that I could simultaneously bottle up the smell of fall briskly moving in, and the sweetness of the old men ambling into the neighborhood barbershop next to me, and then get properly drunk off of both of them. 

Taurus: This week you’ll be able to see the future stretched out in front of you, all the way to the horizon, vast and blue as the sea. If you look at it too much, if you look too closely, it might play tricks on your vision. It might throw you off balance. There’s no map that can show you where to go, so try not to worry so much. There’s no way to see everything at once, so just keep moving and trust that the ground will stay firm under your feet, because it will.


god, I’ve missed madame clairvoyant.