j and i went to our first rodeo last night, thanks to a very generous gift from miss sarah brumble.

i wore a vintage dress and was probably the first person to ever order red wine at the target center, but excitedly, unexpectedly yelled “DAMN!” enough times to start to remember just how much north dakota is left in me.  

Quote IconLoneliness smells like cinnamon and cherries cooking in a pot, I fancy a gentleman tipped his hat to me and offered me tea and his arm. I think I want a life in woolly sweaters, to cut birds out of apples and play chess on stormy nights, with the stars painted on the ceiling above us. I’d like to be taught to play the accordion, think how nice it would be in a house on rails, a train compartment in beige and red. Oh, I got lost inside my head again, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t.
Vera Vodak 

Taurus: You’re going to be so busy this week, busy just building the best life you can, busy growing older, busy growing up. There might be hints of magic and there might be signs of a glowing future somewhere up ahead, but this will mostly be a week for keeping your head, for keeping your feet on the ground, for staying honest. Try to keep believing in your own life. Try to keep believing that all this work matters. Try to get enough sleep. It’s going to be a very good week.