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You asked: Favorite way to deliver a love confession?

I answer: The best time a first “I love you” tumbled out of my gaping maw—- I was drunk and eating pizza, but most of all—I meant it so fucking much I had to say it, I had to say it now, I had to say it with marinara sauce on my teeth.

When you are about to explode from it all, you sing it out, and you’ll be surprised how loud you can hit the notes.

Anyway: Go for it. You die always and you could even die loved. I’d say it’s a risk worth taking. If not, you’re still alive and there’s always tomorrow and fuck it, there’s always pizza.

Taurus: This week, the world’s going to unfold itself slowly and carefully. This week, the things you’ve been waiting for will start to show themselves. If you’re not patient you could walk right by and not notice the hints of green; if you’re not patient you could walk right by and never see the bright moments of gold. You might not even realize how long you’ve been waiting; you might not even realize how bad you’ve needed the gentle love your world can show you this week. Live quietly and listen to songs about joy.

Quote IconThere’s still very much this stereotype that teenage girls are not serious consumers of music, even though they are the number one purchasers of music. Teenage girls are the number one consumers of music, they are the number one drivers of taste, and yet they are still not considered serious music fans.
Jessica Hopper, music editor at Rookie. Read her full interview with Jay Gabler. (via 893thecurrent)