Taurus: This might be a week for being a little quiet, it might be a week for letting yourself get distracted, it might be a week just to sit and listen to the world move around you. This week can be full of unexpected moment, unexpected joy, things you could not have even dreamed up on your own. Try to listen to the birds in the morning, listen to the radio, listen to the traffic outside. Try to listen to the stories your friends tell you; try to take their advice

Quote IconIt is a million times easier to be cynical and wield a sword, than it is to be open-hearted and stand there, holding a balloon and a birthday cake, with the infinite potential to look foolish.
How to Build a Girl // Caitlin Moran 

these are two of my favorites humans on the entire planet. buy a damn tshirt. 


Almost 3 years ago, purmort had a seizure. While he was wearing this t-shirt.

He’s stillkickinthis because the good people at the Musella Foundation work so hard at brain tumor research that has directly affected his treatment. We want to say thank you (and fuck you, brain cancer) and this is how we’re doing it: you have 2 weeks to buy a t-shirt. Every penny we make is going right to Musella.

Thank you punchy and jameyerickson for making this real.