Let me summarize Emily Gould’s Friendship for you: 

- Expensive juice is always, always a metaphor for living in New York

- You can’t be a writer unless you live there

- The Midwest is terrible! 

- Flipping through a magazine nonchalantly in an abortion clinic is the epitome of feminism

- Thirty is the new fifteen

- The epitome of female friendship is “us vs. them” 

- “Tell, don’t show.” 

- You can still be someone’s best friend, even if all you do is complain

- It’s not a book about young liberated urban women until someone sleeps with a married man

- NETFLIX! *shoves takeout in mouth*

- Wisdom? Adulthood? What are those?

- Someone from the city can’t fall asleep in the country

- Ugh, parents

- Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all rich?

- Artisan tacos

- New York is magical guys

THANK YOU. Everything about this book fell so flat for me.